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Strength: Clostridium botulinum Toxin Type A 100 units
Hutox is a fantastic Botulinum Toxin Type A-based injectable product that is valued in the medical and the beauty fields. With its highly purified composition and one-of-a-kind formula, Hutox can be used for the treatment of medical conditions such as lower or upper limb muscle spasticity or even on patients who have equinus foot deformity, it is equally good at correcting signs of aging and treating a long list of clinical conditions related to muscle spasticity,

It smoothes any wrinkles associated with high mobility or muscle spasticity.
The face looks natural, without freezing facial expressions.
Noticeable changes appear in a few days, and a stable result is noticeable following 2 weeks.
The effect lasts about 6 months.

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  1. Mrs. Irina

    Delivery was fast as well, , i was very happy when i get my order

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